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Polish manufacturer of vibratory feeders

We use subassemblies of our own production.

We specialize in parts orienting i.e. feeding them to an automatic device in a clear-cut, stable and invariable position. We manufacture feeders for various components from nuts and bolts to intricate shape parts made of various materials. We are not afraid of any challenge or difficult task. We are able to comply with stringent requirements of such sectors as medical, cosmetic or food processing industries. We are also experienced in manufacturing devices for automotive, electronic, furniture and many other industries.

We use subassemblies of our own production thus eliminating spare parts availability problems, reducing costs and waiting time for the finished product.

We undertake maintenance and modernisation services of vibratory feeders that are not only produced by us, but also by other manufacturers. In the event of any problem or breakdown we never leave our Clients helpless, and we service the devices, if needed, at Client’s plant.

We design using Solid Works software. We make available 3D models of our devices for inquries and orders at request.

We invite you to cooperate with us.

01. Trust

We are a professional and reliable company. Cooperating with us you can rest assured about accomplishment of your orders on time; high quality is guaranteed.

02. Cooperation

We have been cooperating with many companies, which offer complete stands for automation of production processes using vibratory feeders.

03. Service

In the event of any problem or breakdown we never leave our Clients helpless. We offer professional service of our devices. We make every effort for our product to come up to any expectations.


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